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And now for something different!

Anglo-Montenegrin Society –   Your ideas, please!

We have been asked several times by different groups about setting up an Anglo-Montenegrin Society or ‘club’ which would foster closer ties of understanding in contrast to views of others who only seek to breed negativity and hatred, tearing peoples apart.    No one country and no one view is perfect but we can only learn better from one another.

If London Bridge is to be involved in helping to set up a society, we would want it to be primarily social and sociable rather than formal, since we should be able to trust politicians to do the formal stuff.  Anything which might be considered educational must be through common understanding, not through any form of instruction.   There seem to be many cultural interests that Montenegrins and the British share, including scepticism and humour, with much in common between Monty Python or Only Fools and Horses with the Books of Knjige.

Please contact us if you would be interested in joining a society and do also please contribute any ideas on what would make an appealing programme, e.g.

  • Hiking
  • Cuisine
  • Montenegrin art and artists / Art in the home
  • Humour
  • Theatre
  • Trips
  • Talks
  • What parents think vs What our children think
  • Visas