Awards enable students to complete their school education over the final two years at British Boarding Schools from September 2019

Those awarded from Montenegro are:

FULL Scholarships

  • Damjan Lalovic Podgorica
  • Jelena Bulatovic Podgorica
  • Nadja Stojanovic Podgorica
  • Nikolina Lalic Podgorica
  • Aleksa Pejovic Niksic

The schools these students will be attending have yet to be declared. HMC Projects will notify you directly.

Awards are on the strength of individual aptitudes and interests, including ability to fit into boarding school social life where education accounts for far more than passing tests.

Those commended to go forward to apply for a substantial reduced-fee Scholarship:

  • Petar Vukotic Podgorica
  • Dimitrije Raonic Podgorica
  • Tara Simovic Podgorica
  • Nikola Milosevic Kotor
  • Milica Vujosevic Podgorica Engineer
  • Ksenija Belada Podgorica
  • Miljana Drobjnak Bar
  • Milica Saranovic Bar
  • Matija Pejovic Podgorica

The above should not consider themselves as second place candidates but simply that the top awards go to those who would be unable to take up the opportunity without a full award.

The supremacy of results achieved by students at Slobodan Skerovic school has again not been challenged.

Once again, the field of applicants was very strong; enough for scholars from Montenegro to gain a highly disproportionate number of the total awards made to all 14 countries based on students individual merits.

Past scholars from Montenegro have gone on to gain university scholarships, including Cambridge, Oxford, LSE, Kings College London, Los Angeles, Miami, Canada and Cornell.

Less than 10% of the top British Boarding schools offer scholarships through this combined HMC Projects Programme. To those students not fortunate this time via this programme, this is still a great motivational experience so,….as one door closes, another may yet be found, if suitably motivated.

There are other known opportunities. Those still committed to continue their schooling abroad may yet benefit from awards made by many other schools we are in touch with. They should ask their parents to approach us as soon as possible

Among the most notable include: A potential 100% scholarship for a secondary school student highly talented in art. offered by an internationally renowned British graphics artist and illustrator if offered for a second year running. Another, also 100%, for an academically gifted student (16+ or 17+ this September) motivated to spend one or two final school years getting to Oxford, Cambridge or equivalent university.