Results have just been declared for students who applied from 14 countries for scholarship places at leading British Boarding Schools from September 2017 through the annual HMC Projects scholarship competition.

There are in all approximately 60 full scholarships and another 40 Reduced Fee places for which only around 20% of normal fees are charged.

Of these 100 places, Students applying from Montenegro have netted 17 (six full + 11 Reduced Fee) places, clearly the lions share of awards offered to any one country, despite Montenegro having the smallest population of all.

This, the greatest number of awards ever gained is a direct consequence of how fantastically well those students from Montenegro have performed who gained scholarships in previous years.

Scholarship Awardees are:

100% scholarships to include all educational and residential fees go to:

  • Vasilije Borovic Podgorica-Slobodan Skerovic
  • Jelena Djurovic Podgorica-Slobodan Skerovic
  • Slobodan Markovic Pljevlja – Tanasije Pejatovic
  • Itana Radovic Podgorica – Slobodan Skerovic
  • Mirela Rujovic Danilovgrad – Petar I Petrovic Njegos
  • Jovan Vlahovic Danilovgrad – Petar I Petrovic Njegos

Invited to put in for a Reduced Fee Scholarship offer to a choice of school

  • Anja Aprcovic Kotor – JU
  • Ksenija Ivanovic Bar – Niko Rolovic
  • Dusan Lijesevic Kotor – JU
  • Kana Ljaljevic Podgorica-Slobodan Skerovic
  • Vanja Malbaski Podgorica-Slobodan Skerovic
  • Asja Mijovic Podgorica-Slobodan Skerovic
  • Ilija Miljkovac Podgorica-Slobodan Skerovic
  • Zoja Pejovic Podgorica-Slobodan Skerovic
  • Neda Radonic Danilovgrad – Petar I Petrovic Njegos
  • Jana Vasiljevic Herceg Novi – Ivan Goran Kovacic
  • Ana Vukasovic Kotor – JU

Inevitably, students from the largest school, Slobodan Skerovic, gained the most awards.

The outstanding success of scholarship winners from Montenegro over the previous six years is already extensive and seems set to continue unabated. This includes those gaining very rarely offered full scholarships for undergraduate courses at the world’s top level universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics, Los Angeles and Miami. The list of achievements, including a number made either head boy or girl at their respective school then through to university is already too extensive to be given here.


The scholarship scheme, HMC Projects was set up in 1992 by a group of HMC member private boarding schools.

This offers a modest number of full and part-paid scholarships to outstanding students from families of modest financial means throughout Central & Easter Europe.

The objective is to enable them to achieve their full educational and career potential and thus become better equipped to play a productive role in life by receiving a full education.

In these schools, 60% of what comprises full education arises through the many other educational and social activities which take place outside the classroom, additional to merely gaining top level examination results.

It was not until 2010 that students from Montenegro were able to participate in this scholarship competition when London Bridge (Ana and Richard Wilford) undertook to act as local promoters and coordinators of the programme here. The work is undertaken in free time.

Those eligible to apply are between the age of 15 – 16yrs and six months old at the start of each academic year. Applicants first have to prove that they have an adequate command of English to enable them to adapt readily to 24/7 schooling within a fully English-speaking environment by passing an intensive English test. Those who achieve better than B1 standard then go through to make full and detailed applications, followed by an interview with visiting HMC Projects assessors who are mostly retired heads of HMC schools, who also undertake this responsibility in their own free time.

Participating member schools trust the judgement of these superbly committed persons that any student awarded will readily play a full part in the active life of the school, which extends well beyond the classroom.

The HMC (Head-Masters Conference) is the leading association of high quality INDEPENDENT British Boarding Schools. Being Independent, there is no government involvement nor interference whatsoever in the operation of this scholarship programme beyond the fact that these schools, like any other, conform (and indeed exceed) UK government regulation standards. HMC schools are additionally subject to the association’s own far more extensive and stringent inspection.

HMC schools have extensive facilities including science labs, art and drama studios and workshops, most often with extensive grounds for an entire array of sports to be played, also with an indoor multi-sports hall, gym and very often an all-year round swimming pool. Other facilities include an array of extra-curricular clubs and activities too extensive to mention here. HMC schools provide an education for life, not merely the temporal passing of exams.

Not all HMC member schools participate in this group scholarship programme, with many others for which London Bridge also acts, preferring to make their own individually personalised arrangements for assessing applicants.

For further information contact:

Ana Jakic-Wilford, London Bridge Language & Education Services
069 060 229